"WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE"                                 


                                                                                             Belle Terra, LLC  4432 Cave Spring Road SW, Rome, Georgia 30161



Contact us in Rome, Georgia to arrange your fabulous outdoor wedding at our spectacular lakeside setting and formal gardens.


           We hope the following information will be helpful, but please don't hesitate to email or call us with further questions.


Reservations will be processed when a signed contract and the appropriate reservation deposits  are received and countersigned by the director of Belle Terra. The balance of the fee is due (30) thirty days prior to the scheduled event.

Pricing, Cancellation, and Deposit Refund Policy

         There is a $1000 non-refundable deposit.  This deposit counts as part of the total rental fee.  In addition to the agreed upon rental fee, a refundable Security/Damage deposit of $500 is required. Visitor damage to Belle Terra property and/or facilities, failure to meet all requirements of the Contracting Guest, additional hours beyond those contracted, and any outstanding fees for additional services will be charged against the Security/Damage deposit.

          Included in the rental fee is: The Bride's dressing room, The Reception Hall and Conservatory, 12 acres of manicured grounds for outstanding wedding photography, rehearsal, and chairs and tables for up to 150 guests. Set up of chairs and/or tables at both the ceremony and reception.  The rental fee for the venue is: 


                                                        Up to 150 guests, $3000


Price reduced for Sunday or weekday weddings and weddings of less than 75 guests.

Final Payment                      

The balance of the event fee and the Security/Damage deposit are due (30) thirty days prior to the wedding date.  If the balance due is not received, Belle Terra, without liability, and at the discretion of director, may cancel the event.


 DJ’s and musicians are required to provide their own electrical cords, etc. and means of transport for their equipment to and from the event site.   Belle Terra retains the right to control the volume of any music played indoors or outdoors.   Music must stop by 11:00 p.m.


 We have ample space to park. Vehicles may temporarily park in front of the buildings for the purposes of unloading and loading. Do not park on the grass in front of the building. Vehicles must be moved to the designated parking areas immediately upon completion of loading and unloading.


You may bring your own alcohol, or you may leave that to a caterer licensed by the state to do so.  Drinks must stop being served one hour before the end of the reception.  A security guard should be considered. Bartenders must provide Belle Terra with COI and Belle Terra named as secondary on COI.


All materials brought in to Belle Terra for a private event must be removed from Belle Terra immediately following the event unless specific arrangements are made with the Director.  This includes removal of table coverings and decorations, plants, and interior and exterior decorations.  The kitchen must be clean with counters wiped down and the floor swept.  Garbage must be removed by the caterer or client.  Belle Terra cannot be responsible for any personal or rental property delivered to Belle Terra for private functions or left after the event is over.  All items will need to be removed at the conclusion of the event.

Duration of Events

The following time periods are provided as part of the contract the day of your event unless previously approved by Belle Terra:

  • Day of wedding starting at 10:00 up until midnight
  • Wedding Rehearsals: 1 hour-- Rehearsals to be scheduled with management.
  • Receptions (4 hrs. after ceremony)
  • Dressing Room (Day of wedding starting at 10:00 a.m.) 
  • Cleanup, removal of decorations, caterer clean up, etc.: Completed and exit by midnight


All events are subject to Belle Terra's rental conditions.  These conditions were established to protect the habitat/environment of Belle Terra. A fee or fees will be attached to the damage deposit depending on the severity of the violation of the prohibition.


The following are prohibited:

  • Discarding of cigarette butts on the ground
  • Plastic drink stirrers and plastic toothpicks in any outdoor area of Belle Terra
  • Styrofoam
  • Rice, birdseed, confetti, glitter, etc. are prohibited indoors or outside. Only real flower petals are acceptable at outdoor ceremony sites. Do not use SILK flower petals on ceremony site.
  • Disposal of fats and oils or solid waste on the property
  • Dumping of wastewater, ICE, or other fluids other than in sinks or other locations approved by a  Belle Terra representative
  • Leaving coals used for cooking on the property
  • Parking on Belle Terra lawn or other areas not designated for parking
  • Sparkler wires must be placed in a container, not thrown on the ground

Rainy Day Assistance

Should rain present the necessity to bring in additional workers, that cost will be the responsibility of the contracting party.


Belle Terra, LLC, or its employees, shall not be liable to the Contracting Guest or to any other person for any damage to property or injury to or death of any person arising from Contracting Guest’s use, occupancy, management, or control of the premises.  Contracting Guest agrees not to bring suit against and shall indemnify and hold harmless Belle Terra, LLC, and its employees, from any and all liabilities, claims, damages, expenses, fees, fines and penalties, including attorneys’ fees, arising from any such cause.